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April 18, 2018

Welcome to Featherlite Studios!

Hello!  Welcome to Featherlite Studios!  I’m so excited that you’re here! First of all, let me introduce myself!  I’m Becki, the founder of Featherlite Studios. I’ve been a professional photographer in Chicago for the past 11 years.  Over the years I’ve photographed weddings, portraits, events, and products. As a photographer, I’ve always enjoyed the story that was unfolding before my eyes while feeling compelled to document each moment exactly how I was experiencing the event at hand.  

It wasn’t until after building a full-time photography business that I started to become more and more interested in the business side of things.  However, it wasn’t the business plan or the numbers that were most interesting to me, rather the brand and the story surrounding the brand.

Over the years, Instagram has also become an element that has helped shape my interest in branding.  It’s what I turn to when I am interested in finding a new cafe for my Sunday morning coffee fix, when I’m interested in finding clothing that is trending this season, and it is also a place that I go to when I’m searching for photography inspiration.  

What I realized is that I was also becoming really in tune with the story behind the brands that I was turning to for inspiration and products to purchase.  These brands’ stories actually make me giddy every time I see their latest post. I watch their Instagram stories in order to see what is going on behind the scenes because I just can’t seem to get enough of their culture and what their brands stand for.  Perhaps Instagram has had this effect on you as well.

Meanwhile, I have come across quite a few brands that haven’t quite caught up to the digital age of marketing.  The thing with social media is that it is still relatively new and as businesses, we have a lot to learn about how to use social platforms to leverage our brands.  

Instagram was created in 2010 and has gone through numerous changes since it was developed.  Gone are the days of snapping a quick photo and choosing your favorite filter to make it look cool.  

Today’s top brands are living and thriving on Instagram.  

They are no longer posting photos on the fly, rather use intentionally curated feeds and compelling IG stories in order to engage their customers in a way that is unique to any form of marketing we’ve ever known in the past.  

While not every brand has made it to the big leagues, I know that with a little help, there is potential for every brand’s success in the social media marketing world.    

So what does Instagram have to do with my new business?  Well, it actually has everything to do with it!

Even though my professional journey began in the realm of photographing people and their personal life stories, I realized along the way that brands also have a story.  Those stories are just as important as any personal story out there. Every brand began with some sort of person’s idea behind it, didn’t it? Shouldn’t those stories be told?  Whether the brand is a one-woman shop or is an international sensation, there is a story behind it. Without that story, the brand would not exist.

With that being said, I’ve set out to help brands tell their story!  How exactly do I intend to do that? By combining my love of telling stories through photography with my knowledge of how social media works as a marketing tool, I’ve made it my mission to help brands thrive on social media.  

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks to help you out along the way, need a photographer who can bring your brand’s vision to reality or if you have no idea of where to begin and would love all the help you can get to start making social media work for your brand, I’m here to help!

I hope you will follow along on my journey as I dive deep into all things photography, marketing on Instagram and brand storytelling!  I’m so excited to finally have this space to share with you, so come back soon to see what I’m up to, ok!?

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