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June 12, 2018

Instagram Tips: Consistency Is Key!


If you’ve been reading the past couple of weeks you will have read some of my past posts on the basics of Instagram and building a stronger brand story.  Today’s topic is one of my favorites… Consistency!

Consistency is key for creating a strong brand story on Instagram.  It really is as simple as that. Creating a consistent look, feel as well as content on your feed will also help build a community of followers that support your brand on Instagram.  

If your posts are all over the place, the overall look of your feed will reflect it.  Not only that, it will also be apparent in your number of followers and those that engage with your posts.  

What are some ways to keep your feed consistent? In my opinion, you’ll want to share posts that are consistent to your brand in content, photography, the overall aesthetics of your posts on your feed, as well as the time of day that you are posting.  

  1. Photos

My personal favorite aspect is the photos.  We are talking about an app that was built on the basis of photography, after all.  Even if you are not a photographer, it is possible to create a consistent feel with the help of photo editing apps and an Instagram planning app such as UNUM or PLANN, which also have photo editing features built right in.  

However, I would take into consideration that social media is here to stay and it is in your best interest to hire a photographer to help you achieve consistency in photos that you might not be able to without having photography experience, professional equipment, editing software, etc.  I guarantee it will be a wise investment and your following will begin to grow more rapidly as well.

Hiring a photographer for one shoot, to begin with, is a great start that will help you go the extra mile without breaking the bank.  By planning out what you would like to achieve for the next few weeks on social media and talking to your photographer about your goals will help get you started!

While I am obviously in favor of professional photos, I understand that not all budgets are prepared to make the leap just yet!  We are lucky these days to have a personal camera on us at all time, aka your smartphone. It does a fairly decent job, and I will say that there are times when I will use an iPhone photo myself if I am in a bind.

If you are going this route, I recommend using natural light.  The more natural light, the better. Actually, there can never be too much natural light.  Have I mentioned natural light? Haha.

On a serious note, natural light is the way to go to avoid that weird yellow cast that comes with photos taken indoors under the overhead lights that our eyes don’t notice until we try to take the perfect photo for Instagram.

It is also recommended that your backgrounds are simple, but that doesn’t mean that your feed has to be completely white with nothing but a product laid out on it.  Just don’t over complicate your photos and you’ll be on the right path. I tend to use similar backdrops when possible and I like to stick to a consistent color palette. That way, when anyone looks at my overall feed they are able to get a feel for my brand within a couple of seconds.

  1. Content

Now that we know that the photos are important for the overall look of your feed, you’ll want to pair them with content that matches their beauty.  You wouldn’t want to lose someone because your posts weren’t engaging enough, would you? I mean, we all hope that our photos can simply blow every person that sees them out of the water.  But, the truth is that most people aren’t going to like your photo simply because it was a pretty photo. About half of Instagram users are strictly visual and the other half need a captivating caption to help them engage.  

With that being said, it I can’t stress it enough…the caption matters!  More to come on this topic next week!

  1. Timing

As in most things in life, timing is everything!  Instagram posts are no exception. It might take some experimenting to know which posts work best at what time, but there are some apps that can help you get started as well.  The Instagram planning apps that I mentioned above are great with this as well, but if you prefer to use an outside source, Prime is a great app to help you out.

While these apps are great, I always recommend using your best judgment as well.  If you are planning a post that is time sensitive, I would recommend posting it at the time that is most relevant to the post vs a random time that your app tells you will be the best time.  The worst that will happen is that you have a low engagement for that one post, but it could also end up being the post with the most engagement that you’ve ever had.

Go ahead and try things out!  Track what works and what doesn’t.  It will be a great learning experience and you can only truly determine the best practices for you and your business by giving it a shot!

I hope this post will help you in creating the foundation for a consistent Instagram feed.  By implementing these tips, you’ll start seeing more engagement in no time! Don’t forget to stop back and fill me in on your progress!  I love to chat about Instagram and I especially enjoy helping others on their journey!

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