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June 20, 2018

Instagram Tips: Use Your Captions Wisely!

Last week I touched on the importance of consistency within your Instagram feed.  If you missed it, you can check it out here! This week I am going to expand on the topic of Instagram captions just a bit more. 

As mentioned in the last post, we all know that that the photos are important for the overall look of your feed, but you’ll want to pair them with content that matches their beauty to truly make an impact.  You wouldn’t want to lose followers because your posts weren’t engaging enough, would you? I mean, we all hope that our photos can simply blow every person that sees them out of the water.  The truth is that most people aren’t going to like your photo simply because it was a pretty photo. About half of Instagram users are visual but the other half are readers and anticipate reading a captivating caption in order to give them the extra push that will help them fully engage in your posts.     

With that being said, I can’t stress it enough…the caption matters!  

The best way to go about this is to tell a story in the caption of your posts!  One-liners are great, but sometimes your followers are looking for more than that, so why not give them a reason to keep coming back to your feed!

Once you’ve started to share your voice or your brand’s voice on your captions, you’re bound to start seeing more engagement on your posts!  Not everyone will read every word you’ve written, but it never hurts to have it available to the followers that thrive on reading what you have to say!

If you’re wondering what to write, just start simple and before you know it you’ll start to become more creative with it and before you know it, the words will begin to flow right out!  If you’re passionate about what you’re posting, you shouldn’t have any problem coming up with a few sentences to share with your readers.

Remember, the goal is to not only attract followers but to also create new clients!  That being said, people don’t buy what you do, they buy what you do so give them something to believe in!  It really is as simple as that!

Give it a try!  What’s the worst that can happen?  Just know that your numbers probably won’t skyrocket overnight, but don’t lose hope!  By consistently sharing engaging content in your captions you will begin to see your numbers increase in no time!

Good luck and stop back and share your progress with me!

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