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August 1, 2018

Branding Portraits: Maria Luisa Of Courage For The Soul!

Meet Maria Luisa!  Maria and I recently met at an event a few months ago and naturally, we began talking about Instagram!  As you already know, I am a hugee fan of Instagram and I am always ready to talk about its latest features and how to help people, especially business owners, with little tips to help them benefit from using Instagram a marketing tool.  In this case, Maria started talking about it on her own, so it couldn’t have been more meant to be that we met!  It’s funny how a little app can bring people together, isn’t it?

Once we got to talking, we soon found ourselves on the app and Maria quickly filled me in on her organization, as well as her triumphs and struggles with Instagram.  Maria is the founder of Courage For The Soul, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping women of all ages feel beautiful despite losing their hair to cancer.  Not only is the Maria Luisa behind this amazing organization but she is a cancer survivor herself.

For Maria, losing her hair was a profound moment.  As women, we often take our hair for granted and Maria quickly realized that once hers was gone she felt different in her own skin.  As much as she was ok with being inside her own home without her hair, she wasn’t sure how she would be able to face the world, or how the students she teaches would react to her.

Maria’s defining moment was when her friend gifted her a scarf to wear over her head as a fashion statement, more than just a way to cover the fact that she had lost all of her hair.  It was then that she began to beautiful in her own skin again.  Knowing how much that moment had impacted her along her journey, Maria set out to help other women fighting the fight by spreading courage and lifting women’s souls through the gift of scarves.  She ran with it and Courage For The Soul was born!  It didn’t take long before the idea caught on, and before Maria knew it she had orders coming in left and right.  The Courage For The Soul website is set up so that you can request a scarf for yourself, a friend battling cancer or donating to the cause so that more women can receive a scarf!  It has been over a year now and Maria has gifted hundreds of scarves to women all over the world.  How amazing is that!?

After the event, we began talking a bit more and before I knew it, Maria decided it was time for a branding portrait session for herself.  We chatted about what she was looking for in her session, but it was honestly the most fun and colorful! session I have photographed to date!

I didn’t even realize until we met for the session, but Maria’s scarves are gorgeous!  There is a color palette to fit any women’s style and she is super particular in which scarf she sends to the survivors.

We had such a great time chatting during the session.  Maria is such an inspiring woman that I could honestly spend hours chatting with her.  We talked all about her journey, how she handles the organization aside from being a full-time 4th-grade teacher, about the book that she read to her students when she first lost her hair, and what she has up her sleeve for the future of Courage For The Soul.

Below you will find just a few of the photos that were captured during her session.  As you can see from the photos, Maria’s personality is one that is so full of life and it made it soo easy and fun to photograph her!



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