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I'm Becki, the founder of Featherlite Studios! I'm based in Chicago, Illinois where I've called home for the past 10 years.  

My mission is to help you convey a stronger brand story!  By combining compelling imagery with a social media strategy that is tailored to fit your brand, a solid foundation will be created in order to build connections with your ideal customer!

The truth is that words can only say so much and are much more impactful when paired with imagery that grabs your viewers' attention. 

As a photographer, storyteller and avid Instagrammer, part of my day is spent scrolling through that powerful little app, constantly searching for inspiration.

I've found that in between brands that are sharing gorgeous photos and detailed stories, there are brands with amazing missions that aren't quite hitting the bullseye. 

By combining photography and my social media experiences, I can help you stand out from the crowd in a saturated market.

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How did my journey begin?

My journey in creating Featherlite Studios began long before social media was born. I've had an interest in photography since I was a kid. My first camera was a purple 110 film camera (the long, skinny old school kind) that I would use to snap photos while on family vacations.

I hadn't really considered photography as anything more than a means of snapping photos on family vacations until I took a photography class in high school.  It was then that a teacher of mine informed me that it was possible to pursue a degree in photography. I was sold right then and there and I haven't looked back ever since!   

However, my path from there was not as smooth sailing as it may seem. At first, I wasn't sure what I actually planned to do with my fancy degree once I had the diploma in my hands. I realized quickly that I needed to come up with a plan because simply taking photos isn't exactly a profitable career path.

Grab my FREE Instagram guide:
5 Secrets To Telling A Stronger Brand Story On Instagram

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My professional photography journey eventually led me to photograph weddings, family portraits, and events. It wasn't the type of photography I considered during my years in college but before I knew it, I had built a full-time business with a friend.

My first business taught me so much about being a photographer, a storyteller, how to run a successful business and even more about creating a brand. It also showed me how precious life really is and that each story deserves to be told through more than just words alone.

I also learned that aside from products and services, there is a story behind every brand that when shared intentionally will unleash the power of connection and loyal customers.

By merging my love of photography with my curiosity for social media and Instagram in particular, I began telling the story of brands similarly to that of a family's story. I became hooked on brand storytelling and Featherlite Studios was born!   

What happened next?

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Grab my FREE Instagram guide:
5 Secrets To Telling A Stronger Brand Story On Instagram

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When I'm not behind my camera or geeking out on the latest social media feature, you can definitely catch me doing one of the following...

- Chatting with friends over a vanilla latte at one of my favorite cafes 

- Practicing brush lettering! I've always admired fancy handwriting so one day I decided to give it a try and teach myself! It requires a lot of practice and patience but it's super therapeutic and is one of my favorite past times.

- Dreaming of owning a pink teacup pig (I know, I know, apparently they will all grow up to be very large pigs... One can dream, right?)  

- Exploring!  Whether it's walking around in a Chicago neighborhood, driving to a nearby state or flying to another country, I'm always thinking about my next adventure!

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Grab my FREE Instagram guide:
5 Secrets To Telling A Stronger Brand Story On Instagram